SentinelOne is an American cyber security company, founded in 2013 and now used by many of the world’s leading enterprises, including Aston Martin, Estee Lauder and Norwegian Air.

SentinelOne is a market-leading endpoint security (or endpoint protection) solution. Endpoint security is about protecting networks and services, and the client devices (laptops, desktops etc.) that connect to them, by defending the devices against a range of security threats (including malware, exploits, attackers etc.). SentinelOne was named a Visionary in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms.

Endpoint security is an evolution of (and a replacement for) antivirus software. A traditional antivirus relies on ‘signatures’ to detect malware, which means that in order to provide protection, a signature first needs to be developed for a particular malicious attack, and then that signature needs to be downloaded by the antivirus software. SentinelOne uses a combination of machine learning analysis and behavioural analysis (AI) to detect and prevent malware.

SentinelOne integrates endpoint protection with ‘endpoint detection and response’ (EDR): a cyber security approach that performs continuous monitoring of endpoints for threats and responds to any threats, such as hacking attempts and data theft, in real-time. In the 2020 Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer’: Endpoint Detection and Response Solutions report, SentinelOne received the highest overall rating.

SentinelOne was also listed 14th on the 2019 Forbes AI 50: a list produced by Forbes and Meritech Capital that, amidst so much hype around use of artificial intelligence, attempts to identify those organisations using AI in meaningful ways.

What this means to you

In a world of increasingly frequent and complex cyber threats, SentinelOne provides peace of mind with key features including:

  • Autonomous agent: SentinelOne runs autonomously on each endpoint, without reliance on an internet connection, providing constant protection.
  • Compatibility: SentinelOne works on Windows, macOS and Linux endpoints (both physical and virtual).
  • Complete protection: SentinelOne provides protection against file-based and file-less malware (including viruses, ransomware, Trojans and worms), attacks (including credential and exploits (including zero-day vulnerabilities).
  • Lightweight: the SentinelOne agent is small and does not slow down the endpoint it is installed on.
  • Rollback: SentinelOne includes the ability to a restore a system to a previous good state if it does become infected by ransomware.

The results from third-party testing shows the effectiveness of SentinelOne:

  • MITRE: SentinelOne automatically caught, prevented, and remediated at all 20 stages of MITRE’S replicated attack.
  • Virus Bulletin: SentinelOne achieved first and only next-gen 100% block rate across Windows testing.
  • AV-Test: SentinelOne earned a perfect rating for macOS ‘High Sierra’ across three AV-Test test categories with zero false detections or warnings

Why we are good

We protect hundreds of endpoints with SentinelOne, so we’re well versed in the deployment and management of this industry-leading security platform. We also have a broad, deep and formal understanding of cyber security as a discipline, including but also beyond the products, like endpoint protection, that are part of a robust security posture.

Using these skills and knowledge, we select solutions like SentinelOne for their efficacy and quality, but also wrap around them the expertise that’s needed to create and maintain a more meaningful set of cyber defences.

What we can do

We can replace your legacy, traditional antivirus with the advanced SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform and help to secure your devices and your data against known and unknown threats, and provide the rollback facility to restore a device if it does become infected and cannot be cleaned.

We’ll deploy and set up SentinelOne, and keep an eye on everything so you can be confident you’re well protected.