The Internet works on numbers, called IP addresses, but humans don’t tend to work very well with them (e.g. is actually – much less memorable!)

A ‘domain name’ is a unique string that identifies a website or service, like a full postal address identifies a single, specific house. The domain, then, is the ‘house’ you need to get to, but how do you know how to get to get there?

The Domain Name System (DNS) sorts all this out in the background, so when you use the ‘’ domain, a series of DNS servers between you and us sort out the directions.

Sounds complicated? It can be – if you get domain names or DNS records wrong, lots of things can break!

What this means to you

Your business website, email system, and potentially other things will use your domain records and DNS to connect your own systems and processes with external things: customers, search engines, email servers etc.

Managing domains and DNS includes obtaining the domain name itself, and setting up and managing the DNS records (you might hear about A records, CNAME records, MX records, and TXT records: these are all different types of DNS record).

Why we are good

We have a partner arrangement with one of the largest domain registrars in the world, so we have access to all the tools and resources we need to professionally manage your domains.

We look after hundreds of different domains too, so we’ve got the experience and knowledge to look after yours and save you the hassle.

What we can do

We can easily and quickly get domains set up for you, and get your DNS records configured so everything will work as it should!