It might surprise you to learn that in their 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, Verizon, the US telecoms company, found that 94% of malware spread globally was delivered by email.

Email security is a concept that combines technological, process and people-based approaches to reduce the risks from email to your systems and data.”

What this means to you

It’s not just spreading malware: email is also a common route for social engineering attacks like phishing, distributing ransomware, and of course things like spam.

These types of email security issues can cause a wide range of problems, including preventing you from accessing systems or data, sending malicious or unpleasant emails that appear to be from you to your customers and other contacts, and attempt to link you to identify theft sites.

Why we are good

We’ve worked with clients of all sizes to implement the various protections that help to keep your email working securely, and the rest of your systems and data safe from anything untoward in your email!

For example, the technology element of email security scans incoming email for threats: things like spam and malware, and also signs of attacks like phishing and ransomware. We partner with a leading global provider that supports over 45,000 organisations.

What we can do

We can help you with all aspects of email security, to help ensure you have full and effective protection for your business.

We can assist with processes; for example, we can provide a quick and easy reporting route for users, help you to review the information in the public domain that might make life easy for attackers, and develop an incident response plan.

We can provide training for your people; for example, our phishing simulation service helps to upskill users and provide reporting to the business on progress and status.

We can also provide the technology that will help to improve your email security. For example, we can set up DMARC, SPF and DKIM for you, or provide and set up our email security software to check your inbound email and remove threats before they hit your inbox!