Email is a critical service for most businesses, with Statista estimating that globally over 300 billion emails are sent and received every day.

Solutions like Microsoft 365 can help you to connect your employees to the colleagues, customers, information, and content they need to improve productivity and transform collaboration.

Find out more about it at the Microsoft 365 for Business page.

Why we are good

We’ve supported lots of businesses with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange over many years, and you can benefit from this experience and expertise at very reasonable charges.

We’re also a Microsoft Partner, so we know what we’re doing with Microsoft services, and have access to support and tools from Microsoft if we need them.

What we can do

We can support on-premise and cloud email systems, and we’re particularly skilled in Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365.

We have undertaken lots of migrations from Exchange to 365, and we know how to reduce the risk of this process, both in terms of protecting your data and minimising the disruption to the business.

Once your email is set up, we can also provide ongoing support to keep it running the way you want it.