There is no reason for any individual to have a computer in his home” – Ken Olsen, co-founder of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), 1977

Through the range of IT services we provide to clients, we have built up knowledge and expertise in a wide range of hardware items, including servers and network devices like switches and wireless access points, but also PCs, laptops, Apple devices (like Macs and MacBooks), monitors, printers and peripherals (like keyboards, mice and webcams).

What this means to you

Older, slower devices can impact on productivity, have a higher risk of failure, and can cost more to manage in the long run.

That said, replacing equipment isnt always the right approach, and we do help to get the maximum life from equipment too. Upgrading or repairing individual components can be a highly cost effective of getting several years more service from a device.

Why we are good

Many of our clients choose us to provide hardware for them, as we have access to a wide range of suppliers to ensure value for money, and we take on the hassle of sourcing the right equipment so they know it’ll work.

We’ve supplied thousands of PCs, laptops and other items to clients, so we know what we’re looking for, and where to go to find it.

What we can do

We can advise on the right hardware for your needs, and we can source it from a wide range of suppliers and channels. This helps us to find the right equipment to meet both functionality and affordability requirements.

Once we’ve sourced the hardware you want, we can also set the devices up fully, and we record the serial number etc. for your asset records.