Do you know how ‘fit for purpose’ your IT systems are? How well aligned your IT provision is to your business requirements? What the key risks to your business are in relation to your IT infrastructure?

Do you see IT costs continuing to arise and even increase, but not corresponding improvements in the way IT supports your business? IT issues leading to customer satisfaction and staff productivity issues? Other businesses seeming to have better IT systems than you do?

Are you concerned about the sustainability of your IT, technically or financially? Are you concerned that you’ll need to make some changes in the near future, but not sure exactly what is needed or what would be best? Are you concerned that cyber security issues might expose weaknesses in your IT systems and cost a lot to fix if it happens?

An IT review can help

These are common questions and concerns for businesses. For many, its hard enough running a business, without having to run a complex IT infrastructure as well.

An IT review from Think IT can provide the clarity and understanding you need, and shape an affordable plan for your IT systems to fully support your business.

Why we are good

We work with hundreds of businesses, large and small, and understand that technology is all well and good, but to add value (rather than cost) it needs to do what the business needs. It’s a cliché, but a ‘one size fits all’ approach really isnt the right one.

We work to build a deeper understanding of you and your business, and to reflect our experiences with other clients in similar sectors, of similar sizes, or with similar issues, to quickly and cost effectively establish what’s what, and what would work best for you.

What we can do

Our review process is based on a methodical process of:

  1. understanding business needs and pressures
  2. running through current issues, bottlenecks and challenges
  3. considering the business’ plans
  4. looking at the existing IT provision
  5. mapping the IT provision to the current and future needs of the business
  6. reporting on fitness for purpose, exposure to risks, and providing a plan for the future