A computer network is a group of computers that can communicate with each other and share services and resources. The connections between the computers are ‘network connections’.

Network connections can be for the ‘local area’ (e.g. a cable connecting a computer to the rest of an office network), or cover a long distance (e.g. the office internet connection, which may route data to and from a service provider in London).

The Internet is also a network, or rather an ‘internetwork’ in which many different computer networks are connected.

Within a home or business setting, wired and/or wireless network connections are used to link different devices togther, and to link those devices to the Internet.

What this means to you

Many of us know what a period without Internet feels like. Whether you’re at home or at work (or working at home), a loss of network services disrupts many aspects of our personal and business lives.

Networks are, then, increasingly important to the way we live and work. Like most technology, networks need to be maintained in order to work efficiently, and have a lifespan. Security needs to be considered, to make sure attackers don’t have easy ways to get in. The configuration needs to be right too, particularly with routers, firewalls and access points, to make sure everything works as it’s supposed to.

Why we are good

We have over 20 years’ experience, and we work with a large number of clients of different shapes and sizes, supporting small and large wired and wireless networks for single sites as well as for organisations with multiple sites.

In many cases there are different technical approaches and solutions that can be used, and different price points for equipment and maintenance. We work closely with our clients to work out exactly what’s needed, both in a technology sense and a financial sense.

What we can do

We can set up and manage wired and wireless networks, as well as {internet connections and broadband services}, and we can resolve issues with existing networks.

We can find the right approach for you and your business, and implement and maintain it in the most effective way, managing affordability as well as the technology itself.