The UK Government (DCMS) Cyber Security Breaches Survey in 2020 found that businesses saw a rise in phishing attacks (to 86%), and that phishing is now the most common type of cyber attack. Worryingly, among the 46% of businesses that experienced attacks in the year, phishing attacks were considered the most disruptive.

Phishing simulation helps to protect your business against phishing threats by training your users to identify and report them.

What this means to you

People are often described as the weakest link in the security chain, but we dont agree. As Ciaran Martin said in 2017 whilst CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre, “it’s a bit like saying the weakest link in a sports team is all the players.”

We should support people to learn more about how their behaviours affect security. That’s what our phishing similulation service is designed to help with.

Why we are good

We work with a really wide range of clients, covering many different industries and sectors, and from very small to much larger organisations. We’ve used this experience to build a service that can be tailored to account for these differences.

Phishing emails can be designed around a range of themes, including social, office communications, finance, software updates, and news and events.

What we can do

We’ll create email addresses for each of your users in our secure phishing simulation platform, then – either at a pre-agreed time, or randomly – launch a campaign to attempt to phish them!

If you want us to, we can also serve up short training videos to any users that fall foul of our phishing attempts. And of course, we’ll report back to you with stats and suggestions following each campaign.