If you have a computer at work, but you also work from home, or work from anywhere other than your business premises, secure remote desktop access can help you quickly, easily and securely connect to your work device from another device, like your personal laptop, tablet or even your phone.

What this means to you

With a good remote desktop access solution, it’s almost like you’re sat at the remote device.  You use the display, keyboard and mouse on one device to control the other device.

Some solutions also let you transfer files between two machines without using email or file-sharing services, print a file stored on one machine on a printer connected to the other, or even collaborate on a document with colleagues.

Why we are good

We have a lot of experience with different remote access solutions, so we know what works and what to avoid.

Security is critical with remote desktop access. Technologies like RDP are widely used and easy to set up, but are also common attack points, and require a set of actions and configurations to harden them against vulnerabilities and keep your data and systems safe from attackers.

What we can do

We can help you to implement these measures and use RDP securely.

Many businesses now want an alternative to RDP that provides the same (or more) features, but is more secure as standard. We also provide a non-RDP remote desktop access solution that operates securely, quickly and easily. We can supply, set up and manage this for you, so you don’t need to worry about it!