With servers holding so much data and doing so many different things, it’s important to know what they’re up to, ideally before any issues occur.

This is what server monitoring is for. It’s an advanced software suite that checks various things regularly, all the time, to make sure they’re healthy, and raise alerts if they’re not.

What this means to you

With server monitoring, we can keep an eye on things in the background, and can often identify and resolve things before you experience any issues.

Your servers are some of the most important pieces of your IT provision, so monitoring their performance, uptime and general status is a key element in maintaining the health of your IT systems.

Why we are good

We monitor a large number of servers on a constant basis, checking that they are accessible and responding to requests from users, managing errors (any security alerts, for example), and looking at utilisation (e.g. disk space usage, processor utilisation etc.)

What we can do

The main purpose of server monitoring is to protect you and your business from the impact of a possible failure.

We can install and run our server monitoring process quickly, and it’s a simple and cost effective way of avoiding more problematic issues and downtime, and getting the maximum value from your servers.