A server is a device or program through which you access centralised resources or services.

There are various server ‘roles’, including Active Directory (on Windows), file and print, email, web, database, remote access etc. In a smaller environment, a single server might perform all of the required roles, while in a larger network the roles may be spread across multiple servers.

Traditionally, each server or role would be a separate hardware device, running the software needed for that role. It’s now more common to ‘virtualise’ instances of a server on one (or a small number of) powerful hardware device: this is usually lower cost than having several physical server appliances, and also means servers can be more easily and effectively managed.

What this means to you

Having the right server provision in place for your business is critical. Key applications, data and processes are run through your servers, so you need high performance and reliability, but also cost effectiveness.

Why we are good

We have years of experience supporting clients with their first server installation, through to migration to virtualised server architecture, and server provision across multiple sites.

What we can do

We can determine the right approach for your business, and work with you to implement that in the most cost effective way.

We can set up and manage physical or virtual servers at your premises. We can also set up and manage servers at our premises for you to access from your premises (or indeed from anywhere). These are called hosted servers, and are a great option if you dont have space for a server device.