Have you ever been a bit underwhelmed by an announcement about something new that someone has done? An excited LinkedIn post about someone having created a podcast (which might be followed by an exclamation mark!) The messages sent out to tell you that it’s only seven days until someone unveils their brilliant new ‘something’.

It’s often got more than a touch of “I’ve seen this all before” about it.

Slightly cynical, but it’s often the case that, from the recipient’s perspective, the actual ‘product’ often fails to live up to the hype and fanfare of the build-up.

We’re pleased to launch our new website!

We’re going to try not to make that mistake as we (excitedly) announce the launch of the new Think IT website! So what’s new then?

It’s got a fresh new look, and nice clear navigation that we hope makes it much easier to use. And?

It’s got a whole lot of information about the products and services we have to offer, and the sectors that we work with. OK, that’s a bit better. And a lot of the content in there should be quite helpful.

We’ve also built in the News & Insights section, which is intended to help you get the latest technology news, cyber security updates and more, in a relevant, concise and accessible way. Sounds good (we hope)!

You can subscribe to receive our newsletter too, featuring carefully chosen articles from the News & Insights section and other things that are going on in technology and security that will be of interest or use to you. In fact, it’s a really good idea to subscribe: sometimes important things go under the radar of mainstream news, but we keep in touch with lots of different parts of the industry and we’ll send the most impactful bits from this direct to your inbox.

We’re really pleased with the new website, and we really hope it’s good for you too. We’d be delighted to receive any feedback: just jump on to the Contact Us page and drop us a line, give us a call or ping us a message.

Also, why not connect with us on LinkedIn? Facebook and Twitter coming soon, too, if you prefer those.