Back in April we issued an update on more on-premises Microsoft Exchange vulnerabilities, following the widely-publicised vulnerabilities in March 2021.

Now our email security partner Hornetsecurity have released an infopaper setting out how moving business email to Microsoft 365, rather than on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server, is a good move from a security perspective.

So, is your business email in the cloud? If it isn’t, you might want to have a read of this.

As Hornetsecurity point out, there are some important differences between on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft 365 for business email:

Microsoft Exchange Server Microsoft 365
Security updates Important updates need to be downloaded and installed to maintain security Microsoft manages ‘patching’ centrally so the risk of delay or error is reduced
Preventing data loss Regular backups are a must, and at least one needs to be off-line and off-site Microsoft replicates data across multiple data centres, providing ‘data resilience’
Software lifecycle The Exchange Server software has a lifespan (2013 goes end of life in November 2023) Microsoft deals with all the software updates so it’s always the ‘latest version’
Resource management Exchange Server needs a server platform to run on, and this needs to be maintained Microsoft provisions and manages the servers in their cloud datacentres

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