Every business in every sector uses technology in some way, whether it’s using email to communicate with clients and suppliers, PCs and laptops to process business data like spreadsheets, or a smartphone to access a banking app to make and receive payments.

IT support is about ensuring that technology products like these, and others, work as they are intended to. Technology can malfunction, and most businesses want issues resolved quickly to avoid lost revenue, productivity or goodwill. Good IT support though, is about much more than this.

Technically, a good support service needs to be able to identify problems quickly, whether they’re simple or complex, and take the right actions to resolve them. But it’s important too to understand each client’s grasp of technology to provide support at the right level, and to keep in mind the impact of the problem on the client: even technically simple issues can cause major problems. We also think it’s important to have easy ways to follow up, in both directions, to make sure any further problems can be dealt with efficiently and without having to repeat the description of the problem to different technicians each time.

What this means to you

Most small and medium businesses don’t want or need their own internal IT team: the costs can be high, recruiting and managing the team can be challenging, and it can be a distraction from the core business.

In some cases, business owners or leaders do still want to be involved with their IT provision. In others, SMEs want to be able to focus on what they do and just leave the IT to someone else.

Why we are good

We can operate in either way: you can take the lead, or we can. You can use us when you decide to, or we can take the headaches away at the initial stage. Whichever approach suits you best, we’ll work closely with you to scope the service and report back, so you actually get the IT support service you want.

We’re experienced in supporting businesses of all sizes, both locally and nationally, and strive to provide professional and effective IT support, in a personal and friendly way: {check out what clients say about our service}.

What we can do

Whether you want a ‘managed service’ (a fully outsourced approach where we take on responsibility for your IT provision, present and future), a defined level of support with an SLA (where we allocate support time and undertake various tasks for you on an ongoing basis), or an ad-hoc ‘break/fix’ IT support service (where you use us ‘on-demand’), Think IT can help.

Each of our clients is different, so we take a genuinely flexible approach to ensure you get the IT support you want.